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In the past few decades, cats have increased in popularity as pets.  Consequently, cat behavior and cat care have become popular subjects to study.

We have learned that cats are social animals and can be trained. The stereotype of the aloof, antisocial cat is starting to change. A quiet revolution is happening – be part of it. Change how we think about cats.

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Niki Maru, feline associate at CatTails Feline Health Center

What Do Cats Need?

Needs of Domestic cats

What do cats need to be healthy and happy? Whether you are a new cat owner or someone who has owned a number of cats, this is a question that needs some careful thought.

Your cat is not human; he/she is a different species. After all, if you were going to have a tiger as part of your household, you would need to learn something about how tigers live in the wild to set up an appropriate habitat.

Zoos have found that providing an environment that allows animals to engage in behavior typical of their species reduces mental and physical health problems…

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Training Your Cat = Communicating With Your Cat

Two hours before sunset in Key West, Florida, magicians, jugglers, clowns, musicians, tourists and local residents gather to celebrate the setting sun. One of the more celebrated acts during the daily festival is Dominique Lefort (aka the Cat Man of Key West) and his circus of house cats. During their act, the cats walk on tightropes and jump through hoops of fire. Cats are known to be independent and untrainable, right? Why would you want to train your cat?

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